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Five Misconceptions About Real Estate

1. My real estate agent takes all of the commission

As any realtor will tell you, this isn’t the case. The commission is split between the listing agent and the selling agent, agent’s firm also needs to be paid. Frequently there are also marketing fees on top of all of that and some pay desk fees. Agents definitely work hard for their commission!

2. In a hot market like Grand Junction it is better to market your home “For Sale ByOwner”

Although there are some advantages to FSBO, overall it isn't worth the paperwork, scams, liabilities etc. Also a realtor can make a proper estimate of what your home is worth by pulling reports, don't rely on Zillow Zestimates (Zestimates can be 10 to 20% or more off the actual value of a home according to a recent article in The Washington Post).

3. Both the buyers and the sellers pay a commission

The sellers pay the commission through a listing fee, so if you are the buyer, you are in luck! You will not have to pay any commission at all. This is why it's a no-brainer to have a real estate agent help you search for your home.

4. It is difficult to get a mortgage without having at least 20% down

This is also not true. You can get loans fairly easily if you have a small down payment, a good credit score and income history.

5. You shouldn't trust the lender/ title company/ inspector suggested by your agent

Contrary to popular thinking, agents don't get kickbacks for using certain title companies/ lenders/ inspectors. A law was passed in1974 forbidding this practice. If your agent has a recommendation, it is simply because they are in the business, work with a lot of people, and know who is best!

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