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One Word.

Do you create New Years Resolutions? How do those work for you? Some people love creating resolutions and for others it becomes overwhelming and unattainable - insert the word of the year. One word. That's all you need. It gives you something to focus on and achieve without being overly difficult. If you need some ideas, here are some things to consider:

Something that you wan't to overcome

Maybe you struggle with negative self talk and want to spend this year fighting the lies you are constantly feeding yourself. It this is you, FIGHT may be a good word for you. Or if Netflix is what you resort to when you feel stressed, OUTSIDE may be your word. It doesn't have to be fancy, it is a word for YOU.

Something you want to practice

Are your kids at that age where it is trying ALL your PATIENCE? This may be a good word to focus and remember as you try to grow in to the human you want to be.

Something you feel your year will embody

Are you pregnant and expecting your first child in 2019? GROWTH may be a great word for you as not only your family grows, but so will you as a person. It isn't just about growth, but it is also about accepting and embracing it.

Have you ever done a word of the year? Let us know on our FACEBOOK POST what you word was and how it impacted your life.

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