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6 fun ways to thank your Admin's!

Today is Administrative Professionals Day (also known as Executive Admin's Day or Secretary's Day) and we have some AMAZING Admin's in our office that definitely deserve some love! Here are 6 fun ways to show your favorite secretary that you appreciate him/her!

1. A plant

Flowers get all the credit, but they die within a few weeks. Consider picking up a succulent or easy-to-care-for plant at the local grocery store and setting it on your Admin's desk! They will thank you in not just the weeks to come, but the months!

2. A gratitude post

This is especially a great idea if their love language is words of affirmation and they like attention! Give them a shout out on your Facebook or Instagram page and explain WHY they mean so much to you!

3. Take them out to lunch

Who doesn't love a free lunch? Take them to one of your favorite local spots around Grand Junction as a thank you for all they do!

4. Give them a half day off work

Let them spend some time treating themselves with a half day off that is PAID!

5. Throw a party

It could be at a fancy restaurant, Grand Junction bowling alley, or at the office barbecuing. Throw a party and toast them at some point to show your appreciation!

6. Ask them how they would like to be thanked

If you have no idea what to do, simply ask them what would be the most meaningful to them! It may be as simple as a card or Starbucks gift card, but at least you will know that the effort you are putting in will be well received!

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