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May Featured Nonprofit - Mesa County Workforce Center

Let’s face it, as students this year graduate from high school, many of them are college bound, however they will never finish their degree or unfortunately may not use it. Perhaps a trade job is more up their alley. They can start working on their chosen trade almost immediately often times and can avoid sky rocketing student loans. Which on average are close to $40,000.

Here in the Grand Junction area the Mesa County Workforce Center is a great place to start. They will often times provide the tools of your chosen trade for FREE as well as paid on the job training.

Mesa County Workforce Center has many different programs such as trainings in plumbing, electrical work or welding (with scholarships provided by former “Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe), an employment services team which helps teens answer questions such as how do I get a job, do I need a work permit, etc., and the Governor’s Summer Job Hunt Program which connects youths with employers to gain meaningful work experience. You can learn more about that program at

College is great for SOME kids. Let’s start encouraging students to follow their interests and talents and not look down on the trade schools and certificate programs that truly keep our country moving. If your child or someone you know is interested in a job in trades, send them to!

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