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Guacamole Dreams

Anybody who knows our team knows how much we LOVE Tacoparty! We all have dreams about the guacamole and we all may or may not have been known for eating it with nothing more than a spoon, although their chips are good too! So when we saw the Denver Business Journal article that included the actual recipe for the mouth-watering, dream inducing guacamole we felt it was only right for us to share it!

• Hass avocados - The smaller the better. A typical serving size is one avocado per person, so guac for 10 people means 10 avocados.

• Jacobsen sea salt - Domestic from our western friends in Oregon.

• Fresno peppers - Cut thin. These peppers are more bark than bite. You won’t get a lot of spiciness, but you will up your aesthetics and add a dash of pepper flavor.

• Watermelon radishes - Thinly sliced and used as garnish. For all the utilitarians out there, they can also be used as a chip to eat the guacamole with.

• Red radishes - Cut into match sticks.

• Serrano peppers - Finely diced. This is where we turn up the heat. Adjust your guacamole’s spiciness by adding more of these bad boys.

• Shaved green onion - Thinly sliced.

• Flat leaf parsley.

• White peppercorn - This can be very strong, so don’t overdo it.

• Green apples - Finely minced. These green apples come from Palisade, Colorado, and add a nice brightness to the guacamole. Feel free to switch it up by swapping out for cherries, apricots, peaches or any other sweet fruit.

• Toasted brown sesame seeds.

• Apple gastrique - Includes vinegar, water, sugar and green apples reduced down to a seductive little syrup. You can use a balsamic reduction for a substitute.

Prepare the avocados

1. Cut into the top of the seed and roll the blade around 360 degrees. Twist the avocado apart.

2. Give the seed a little chop, then twist out.

3. Use a cooling rack as a grate. You can find these at any grocery store. Press the avocado through the grate and leave it as it falls. This preserves the naturally amazing texture of the avocado with minimal manipulation

Season the avocados

1. Liberally season the avocados with sea salt and white pepper.

2. Add flat leaf parsley for an herbal component. Parsley will stick to the avocado.

3. Add serrano peppers. Adjust depending on how spicy you like it. Medium spice for two avocados is about half a teaspoon of pepper. Bump it up to spicy with a full teaspoon.

4. Sprinkle minced green apples over the top.

5. Add green onions.

6. Add red radishes.

7. Add watermelon radishes. These lovelies add a nice pop of color, and act as natural chips for dipping. They also provide height and texture for the dish.

8. Add Fresno pepper coins.

9. Sprinkle toasted brown sesame seeds for a nice textural crunch ’n’ munch.

10. Finish by squirting balsamic reduction or apple gastrique on top of the dish.

Or if you don't feel like making a mess stop in to Tacoparty (like we did today!) and ENJOY!

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