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5 Ways to Celebrate Organize Your Home Office Day

Happy "Organize Your Home Office Day" - yes, this really is a thing! One in four American households have a home office and we would be willing to bet that a large portion of those homes don't actually use the office for its intended purpose. Here are 5 easy hacks to organize your office!

1. The desk

Working from left to right, take each thing and either recycle it or put it away in your filing cabinet. If you are efficient (and your desk isn't too big) this shouldn't take you more than 30 minutes! Make sure to put the things you're saving in the CORRECT place to save you a headache later!

2. The garbage

Toss these things out: magazines, credit card statements older than a month, pens that don't work, bent paper clips, unused or broken office equipment, and outdated documents such as the following (if they are older than one year old): pay stubs, investment and bank statements, utility bills, and medical bills (not needed for tax purposes).

3. Cables

If you are tripping over all your cables, it is time to either put them away, consolidate, or throw some. Bind the cables together with clamps, "zip" ties, or Velcro wraps so they stay together. Consider getting a USB hub so everything is in one place.

4. Office Equipment

Move office equipment off your desk and place it all in one corner of the room. If you still have a separate printer, fax machine and scanner, upgrade to an all-in-one to save yourself a ton of space!

5. Go paperless with your to-do list

Nowadays there are so many great programs that can track your hours and work load. If you love sticky notes, consider getting Asana. If you love your large calendar, start using Google calendars. There is an alternative to almost anything these days!

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