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coffee with the maves group

Let's be honest, life (and most other good things) start with coffee. For our team, great things typically happen around a table and on that table, there is ALWAYS coffee.

The world is constantly shouting "DO MORE. WORK HARDER. GET MORE. DON'T STOP." and some days it is impossible to ignore. From time to time, even the best of us fall into the endless trap of to-do's for today, tomorrow and whatever we forgot about yesterday. The hustle is exhausting ....and addicting. The antidote? Purpose and learning the rhythm of work and rest.

Purpose in work. We strive to have purpose behind everything we do. Our office is full of laughter, constant phone calls, following up with clients and hunts for spaces where others can build a life. We are in the business of taking care of people and we want to do that WELL...that is OUR purpose. There is so much genuine fulfillment and an immense sense of gratitude that you get when you work and know why you do what you do. Even if you feel like what you do is just...regular. Figure out a way to find the silver lining in an otherwise regular job. We can't all be Oprah, but what you do matters!

Rest. IT. IS. REAL. Well, when you learn how to actually do it. Yes, you read that right, you have to LEARN how to rest. There is a right way to rest and it's more than just a day off, which usually just consists of a different kind of work. Laundry, cleaning, mowing the lawn....Walmart. REAL rest takes a little bit of prep and a lot of practice. Have you ever tried to take a break from your phone? Or texting, social media, emails...whatever takes up huge chunks of your time? It's HARD. It's hard because it's a habit. It's easy to trick ourselves into thinking we are "resting" because we are in bed or on the couch watching Netflix while checking emails or returning calls. This does not allow our minds to rest... which doesn't allow our body to truly rest. Before you know it, it's Monday again. It's a brutal and exhausting cycle.

Learn to shut down. Completely. Even if it's just for a few hours. Go for a hike, take the dog for a walk, whatever feels life-giving to that thing! But, do that thing without your thoughts about work or your phone (gasp) taking your attention away from your rest time. It's oddly difficult and takes practice and self-control. But once you find that rhythm you will be so thankful, energized and more efficient. You might even find that you look forward to getting back to work! Add in knowing why you do what you do and you are ready to hustle.

Coffee helps with the hustle.

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