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Nonprofit Spotlight: CASA of Mesa County

The Court Appointed Special Advocates, or CASA, strive to be the voice for children in Mesa County. Speaking out for over a hundred children in the county, CASA volunteers help children who have suffered from abuse, neglect, or other tragedies that make the children end up in the court system. Growing up is difficult even for children who don’t have to attend countless court dates. To further the obstacles presented along the adolescent road, many children who are removed from their homes end up in a foster family that is in an entirely different school and community they are familiar with. For the displaced children, that means friendships have to be built up from scratch.

Volunteers with CASA, often referred to simplys as “CASAs” are trained to ease the weight of court dates for these children. In the chaotic world of moving and attending court dates, CASAs become a person that children can rely on. The goal of a CASA is to support the child they have been appointed to, and often times that little act of support speaks volumes to the child. CASAs become the bridge between the biological and foster parents. They communicate with teachers and coaches and doctors that the child may interact with. CASA volunteers also shed a light on the child’s best interest at court. CASAs are the solid defenders for this turbulent time of a child’s life.

If you feel pulled to work with children and be their rock, then be a CASA volunteer. Countless children in Mesa County still do not have an advocate speaking on their behalf. You certainly don’t have to be experienced in the courts or foster care system to be a volunteer, because the staff at the CASA of Mesa County will equip you with all the necessary training. The rest is to listen to your appointed child and use your position to advocate for that child’s best interest.

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