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Top 5 Moving Hacks

When you are about to move, it is difficult to decipher where to start or how to move certain items. This list includes some quick tips to help the move be a little less painful.

1. Sometimes we throw all the power cords in one box and continue on with the packing. Then when you are unpacking at your new home, you spend too much time trying to figure out what cord goes where. Save some time and hassle by taping the power cord to its unit. This is a good way to ensure you don't lose the cords or end up plugging the wrong one in.

2. A great way to stay organized while moving is by moving room by room. If your schedule allows, pack up all of one room, move it to the new home, unpack, and set everything up. This way you're not searching through mounds of boxes, wondering where everything is. If you are able to move this way it will save you time and then when you are done with the last room, most of your new home is already set up.

3. Label your boxes. The last tip might not work for everyone, so if it isn't an option for you, try labels. Whether they are by color or just a written label on each box, this will help immensely. If you know all the pink labels belong in the kitchen, it takes the confusion out of moving. If you have friends and family helping you move or hire professionals, this tip can make sure your belongings end up in the right place.

4. When you are moving, it is a great time to de-clutter and simplify the items you want to take with you. Designate an area or a few boxes for donations. Whether it is clothing, furniture, or kitchen items, there is a donation area near you that is in need of those items. This way you can help others out, clean out things you don't want to move, and you will have less to pack! Some donation organizations will even come and retrieve the items from your house.

5. A great way to save time and space is by leaving your clothes in their drawers. They are already basically in a box so just cover it in shrink wrap or a plastic bag and off you go! This also helps when moving your dressers, less weight and no worrying about those drawers flying out. You can use this same tip for items like file cabinets and other container-like objects.

Moving can be stressful, but can also be tackled head on. Be prepared, have a plan, and talk to your family about how you can make this move as easy as possible. There are hundreds of tricks out there, so check the web for more tips and take some of these easy guidelines into account on your next move.

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