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Get Outside in Grand Junction

Grand Junction is a brilliant location to enjoy the outdoors. From hiking, biking, rafting, and more, you will enjoy great weather and gorgeous sights all around. Round up the family or some friends and head outside for a fun day on the Western Slope.

We'll start with hiking because there are so many places to try around the Grand Junction area. You could head up to the Colorado National Monument for some challenging, but sight-filled hikes, or down by the Colorado River to have a nice day by the water. Palisade's surrounding mountains are full of trails, from the Palisade Rim to the famous Mount Garfield hike. Head up Little Park Road for hikes near the Micah Mines, flat rock trails, and some tough trails that take you down into uncommon areas. You could pretty much head in any direction in the Grand Valley and find yourself on a hiking trail that is loved by locals.

ATVing is growing rapidly across the world and Grand Junction is no exception to that. Take a test drive through the endless northern desert of Grand Junction for an easy, but meandering course. Head into the mountains of the Grand Mesa for an aspen-filled summer ride. Be sure to research the trails you want to ride for width restrictions and motoring rules. A short drive west and you will come to Rabbit Valley, a hotspot for ATV's. You can spend the day in Rabbit Valley rallying around the dusty trails or take a more scenic route full of unexpected rock formations and stops filled with as-far-as-the-eye-can-see sights.

The Colorado River carves out a significant path through the Grand Valley. From east to west, this river offers many different activities on or in the water. If you want to fish, grab your tackle box and head to the river's edge for a day of casting a line. Rather be in the water? There are guided rafting trips through town and beyond or you can buy or rent equipment and hit the water on your own. If you are more of a slow-paced type of adventurer, get some inner tubes and float the day away. There are many routes you can take for a day or half day of floating. Drop in at Palisade's Riverbend Park and pop out at one of the numerous stops along the way. No matter which form of transportation you choose, the Colorado River is a hotspot for summer fun!

The bicycling industry is quite literally booming on the Western Slope right now. From restaurants targeting cyclists to a bicycle store on every corner, Grand Junction is catering to the bicycling world. Air up those tires and hit the road for some of the greatest paths in Western Colorado. Trek up the vast, winding roads of the Colorado National Monument for an unforgettable and a labor intensive journey. Grand Junction has been adding more and more to the Colorado Riverfront Trail every year. Starting in Palisade and making its way across the valley, you will be able to enjoy a paved path that connects many parks, lakes, and recreational areas along the way. Even a quick ride down one of the country roads of Grand Junction will prove to be a pleasant ride.

Grand Junction has no shortage of outdoor activities and is home to many who take great pride in our city and our state. If you venture outdoors, please be courteous of nature and leave it as you found it. The Western Slope has a lot to offer in terms of outdoor activities, so grab a fishing pole or gear up for an ATV ride because there is a destination waiting for you!

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