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BBQ Tips & Tricks


Who doesn’t love a good cook out? Summer is the best time to fire up the grill and have a barbecue. Let’s go over some tips and tricks, so your meal turns out perfect! If you’ve never grilled before, this list is perfect for you and even if you are a seasoned vet, you still may learn something new!

Tip #1 is an easy one, don’t use a gas grill. Barbecuing is a fine art and the smoke from wood or charcoal is part of the end result! Using a gas grill doesn’t add any flavor or cook any better than other choices. When grilling if you use a nice fruit wood, you will certainly notice the flavor difference. Charcoal is another great way to go, there are even restaurants that have a whole menu designed around grilling with charcoal! So turn in your gas grill for a tastier selection.

Next up, don’t cut right into the meat when you take it off the fire. Let it sit for a few minutes and this will maximize the juiciness. When you cut into meat fresh off the grill, the juice runs out and can cause very dry meat. No one wants that! So use tongs or a spatula to flip your meat while grilling because if you stab it with a fork or something of the sort, there goes your moisture!

Tip #3 – keep your grill clean. If you just bought a new grill, build a large fire, let it burn for up to an hour. This will seal the metal pores and get rid of any substances left over from the manufacturer. Same goes for if you haven’t used your grill or smoker in a while. Burn it all off and start fresh or you could risk ruining your barbecue goodies!

On the subject of keeping your grill clean – aluminum foil is a great way to clean the burnt on stuff away! Just crumple a piece of aluminum foil into an apple sized ball, grab it with some tongs, and scrub away! This tip is more for someone who may not have all the right utensils, but also great if you forgot the grill brush on a camping trip. Aluminum foil can help keep your grill clean too! Lay it down before placing items on the grill and now you have super easy clean up!

Our final tip of the day is to stop looking at your food as it cooks. As the saying goes – if you’re looking, it ain’t cooking! Every time you open your grill, the temperature plummets and your food is suffering. Unless you think there is an issue (i.e. too hot or too cold) then throw it on and forget about it. The key to good barbecue is slow and steady. Be patient and plan ahead. This way you aren’t in a hurry to get the meat done and off the grill. The lower the temperature and the longer you cook it, the better!

Hopefully these tips and tricks were helpful for your next barbecue! Remember to keep it clean, have a thermometer ready so your meat is done to perfection, and you’re bound to serve a great meal! Meat isn’t the only thing you can barbecue, so find some great side dishes that you can cook on the grill as well!

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