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5 Mistakes Sellers Make in Grand Junction

Grand Junction is a hot market right now. Desiring to leave the big city of Denver, many are heading further West to seek a slower pace of life. This is great for sellers looking to get a good deal and sell their home for a high price, however they need to be aware of some common mistakes to maximize the existing opportunity!

1. Not being flexible

Most people don't want to buy a home site unseen, so you will need to be flexible with showings and open houses. This will allow potential buyers the opportunity to see the property when it is convenient for them, and will help your home sell faster and for the price you want.

2. Pricing your home too high

We did say that this is a hot market and a great time to sell, however pricing your home too high will not benefit you in any way. A house that sits on the market for a long time (especially in a fast-moving market) makes buyers worried that there is something wrong with it. Talk with a real estate agent who can pull ”price comps" for similar homes in the area, and then take the great aspects of your home to determine a fair price.

3. Not cleaning your home

People want to imagine themselves in your home, so it is best if you can move out or stage your house. If you can't, make sure to declutter and fix any repairs that need to be done to make your house ready to sell the first day it hits the market - and don't overlook the yard and your home's“curb appeal".

4. Not being open to a home inspection

Would you buy a home without having a professional check it over for major issues such as possible foundation, furnace, or electrical problems? Probably not, so don't expect the buyer to do so. If any issues are found, you may be expected to make the repairs or lower the price of the home.

5. Having bad photos

The majority of buyers these days are starting their home search online. We always make sure to use a professional photographer for this very reason. It is crucial that the home is portrayed in good light to make it inviting. The only way to get them through your door is to pique their interest, and high quality photos are the way to do just that.

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