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A Guide To The Best Grand Junction Food Trucks

Food trucks have quickly gained a lot of attention around Grand Junction, and we are all about embracing the deliciousness! These are some of the Maves Group's favorite food trucks that you will see at community events around town!

If you are looking for great service and phenomenal tacos, look no further! We enjoy the Chile Relleno Burrito , the Lengua, and the Carne Asada, but you really can't go wrong with anything on their menu!

From the meatball sandwich to the twist on the classic caprese with cucumbers and strawberries, this food truck is a must-try! You can't miss this pink truck at the Farmers Market, so there are no excuses for missing it!

Tender, juicy, and perfectly smoked! Whether you get the turkey legs, ribs or the brisket, you are in for a treat!

If you are out and about and want a good, solid, burger or sandwich, this should be your choice! The Shroom-Bac burger and hand cut fries is a fan-favorite!

Michael Angelo's Wood Fired Pizza tries to source local ingredients and produces some of the best thin and crispy pizzas! Our suggestion? The truffle and blue cheese pizza!

Spaghetti Mill is a newer Food Truck to Grand Junction, but that doesn't mean they have a low following! By using fresh, quality, ingredients, Spaghetti Mill is able to create delectable dishes for a great price!

The Bin 707 Foodbar foodtruck attends many events throughout the year in the Grand Valley and locally sources many of their ingredients. Anything on their menu is delicious, but if you need some guidance, we suggest The Bin Burger which uses beef from a local ranch: 7X and is topped with beehive white cheddar, frisée, beefsteak tomato and truffle aioli. They also make homemade fries and toss them in sriracha with fresh chives on top. If you are still hungry, definitely go for a dessert like the Momofuku Crack Pie, you won't be sorry!

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