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5 Ways to Achieve Fall Curb Appeal

Since our blog yesterday was about winter, we decided to bring it back to the wonderful season of fall and fully embrace it with these easy ways to project all the fall vibes in front of your house!

1. A fall wreath

You can make it or buy it, but a fall wreath is a great way to ring in the season and make your guests feel welcome as they enter your home.

2. A fall mat

Usher in the season of Thankfulness with a sweet, "Gather" or "Welcome" mat. Or if you want to really embrace fall, we love the "Happy Fall Y'all" mats!

3. Add lanterns and white pumpkins

We aren't trying to rush into Halloween, so stick with white pumpkins and lanterns for the ultimate fall vibe.

4. A chair with a blanket

Don't make your guests wait to feel invited and cozy until they get inside; set a few pillows on your porch swing or a blanket on your chairs to give a cozy, cuddle-by-the-fire feel!

5. Fall Leaves

Don't waste those fall leaves you are raking - toss them around your porch to give it the ultimate fall vibe!

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