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Working From Home...With My Spouse...

We asked some of our favorite couples to give their best advice on being quarantined together. Here is what they came up with. We hope you enjoy (and maybe laugh at) this as much as we did.

1. Communication is KEY! Don’t assume your spouse knows what you’re feeling or can’t handle what you’re feeling. You are a team and will get through this together by supporting one another when it’s needed most.

2. Don’t Nag. Nagging is stress expressed. Don’t nag your spouse no matter how overwhelmed you feel. Create a fake co-worker and blame everything on them. Annoyed? Frustrated? It's the co-worker's fault.

3. Because of the above - Give grace. More grace than you’ve ever given. Remember, when all of this is over, you are still on the same team.

4. Invest in headphones. You may like 80's rock, He may like Fox News. All. Day. Long.

5. Work from different rooms…. at least part of the time.

6. Have a sense of humor. Whether it’s being able to laugh at yourself, or finding funny videos on YouTube, laughter is definitely healing medicine.

7. Tell your wife she’s pretty…. even when it’s noon she hasn’t yet changed into her “daytime pajamas." Also, your wife is always right.

8. Keep dating. Have a date once a week where you get takeout, eat it outside or on a hike. Go on nightly “walk and talks” where you talk about anything and everything EXCEPT business.

9. Create and live to a schedule.

10. Be comfortable with quiet…. no one is mad. We are all trying to survive!

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