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How to Modernize Your Old, Wooden Floors

Do you have an older house with some great hardwood flooring with a "shiny/orange” color of which you're not a fan? Good news, this can be fixed! You can modernize your home and make the wood bright and pop while still maintaining its integrity and the layout. If your goal is to upgrade your floors from looking like a basketball court, read on.

The first order of business is to clean your floors. Then you will need to rent a sander (an orbital sander will work fine) and sand it (24 grit). When you've completed this task, sweep up the dust, and then sand again at 60 grit. Repeat this one more time at 120 grit then sweep it all up. You may need to use a palm sander in the corners and around the edges of the floor.

This in and of itself will make a drastic difference, however if you want to highlight the wood without the "yellowish" tones, add some stain mixes with paint and whitewash it to give it that modern-rustic look that is so popular!

Best of luck on your project! Send us pictures when it's complete!

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