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5 Creative Gift Ideas for a Busy Home Owner

As you are out-and-about searching for the perfect gift this Black Friday, consider these "gifts" for the busy homeowner needing a break!

1. A massage

I mean, who will say no to a massage?! Many massage therapists offer special pricing on Black Friday, so make sure to check their Facebook and Instagram pages!

2. Housecleaning

A clean home without any work sounds like a dream to many working moms and dads. A housecleaner costs about $50 to $90 an hour and by the end you will have beautifully scrubbed floors, freshly washed windows, and everything looking new.

3. A professional organizer

Have you opened your friend's closets lately or been in their garage? If it looks like an un-organized mess it may be a great gift. In 2 hours a professional organizer can make the most daunting of tasks a finished product that your friend will love.

4. A handyman

If your family member has a lot on their to-do list of fixes around their home and in no time, you will be their new best friend with this Christmas gift. A handyman can do almost any (small) project around the house including touching up paint, fixing appliances, replacing faucets and fixing a broken light switch.

5. Professional lawn care

If their outside needs some work, hire a professional to help with lawn aeration, leaf removal, shrub pruning, etc. Make sure that you know the scope of work before you hire someone as it may take multiple days.

Do you have any great ideas to add? Put them on our Facebook post!

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