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5 Cleaning Myths

Some cleaning ideas have circulated that are simply not true, and we are here to debunk them!

1. It is very difficult to clean tile grout

It may be time consuming, but don't necessarily consider it difficult to remove dirt, first with water and then using baking soda with a bit of vinegar to clean your groutt.

2. Carpet cleaning is harmful

There is this idea that if you clean your carpet you will get mold and mildew buildup. This is only true if you leave your carpets wet for a long period of time. If you hire a professional to clean your carpets they can actually make the carpets last longer!

3.Constantly use wood polish

If you are polishing wood too much you can actually attract more dust and even dull the finish! Simply dust your wood or follow the manufacturer's recommendations for the best outcome.

4. Use bleach to clean all surfaces

It is best to use an all-purpose cleaner first and if that doesn't work, resort to bleach.

5. Clean your gutters of debris

This is definitely true, but it is not the only step. You need to thoroughly clean the channels, identify leaks, check seams, and make sure it is all flushing properly to effectively clean your gutters.

Regular and proper cleaning can extend to life of your home and fixtures, as well as allow it to retain its value!

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