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Goodbye Granite

Okay, not completely. After all, granite is durable and becoming less-and-less expensive, however as people are going for a more modern looking kitchen we have seen an increase in other materials being used.


Butcher block countertops are gaining popularity and we can see why! They bring a certain warmth to the home that granite lacks. The negative aspect is that they are a lot more of a nuisance to maintain as it must be sealed about once a month.

Engineered Quartz
If you aren't willing to give up the stone countertops, this is a wonderful alternative - and very popular. Engineered quartz is extremely durable and easy to maintain as it is non-porous. It also comes in a variety of colors and designs allowing you to cater to your design preference.
Concrete is strong and heat-resistant making it a great option for a countertop. It has developed a lot from when it originally hit the scene in the 1980s, and now is not as prone to damage.
Stainless Steel
There is a reason stainless steel is used in restaurants; it doesn't allow bacteria to fester, it is easy to clean, and it's heat- and rust-resistant. The downside is that it can scratch easily so always use a cutting board!
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