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How to fight Burnout as a Business-Owner

This is a bit of a non-traditional blog, but we know that many of our followers are mompreneurs, business owners, and hard-working individuals who struggle with burnout so we thought it was important to not only address, but also share our experiences with overcoming burnout and anxiety.

First of all what is so bad about burnout? We live in a hustle environment that tells you to work hard and therefore you will achieve your goals. Although this may be true, if you don't deal with how hard you are working from the beginning it can lead to anxiety which leads to a whole array of other issues including physical ailments (rashes, dry heaving, etc.) and mental issues therefore causing you to burnout.

So how can you combat burnout?

1. Maintain a healthy work-life balance

Set hours that you will work and hours in which you won't. As real estate agents we feel we always need to be right by our phone in case a client needs us, and although accessibility is important, maintaining a healthy relationship with your family is even more important.

2. Know what burnout looks and feels like

Are you working yourself to exhaustion and simply don't realize it? Know the signs such as having no passion or motivation for the work you once used to or feeling despair and pointlessness while you are on the job.

3. Vary your work routine

Maybe burnout is being caused by doing the same thing over and over again in a cubicle. Talk with your boss about working from a coffee shop or consider making some color and design changes in your home office. This can give you the boost to move forward.

Our culture tells us to do it all, but when your body is saying "please stop, you can't do it all at once," listen to it.

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