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Are white kitchens out of style in 2019?!

To some this may be a shocking question to some as white kitchens seem to always be in style and work with whatever look you are going for (modern, farmhouse, Scandinavian), but read on to find out the latest about white kitchens!

Sylvie Meehan is an interior designer based in Fort Worth, Texas who has over fifteen years of experience in the industry, and who has worked on million dollar homes. She said, “I think white will still be timeless for at least another year,” so if you just painted your kitchen you are in luck. However if you are over the white, there are a lot of options to shake things up!

You can keep the majority of the white, but paint the upper or lower cabinets their own distinctive color or paint the kitchen island. Another way to break up the white is to add wood floors or new wood countertops with darker hues. Pull in different textures like subway tile or a matte backsplash to keep it visually interesting.

If your kitchen feels too sterile, add in a repurposed light fixture or new hardware to warm up the space and give it a "wow" factor that can also be changed. Another way you can spice up the space is to create a point of interest like a yellow fridge or green backsplash. You can make this as subtle or stark as you want, so be creative! This is your space after all, so do with it what brings you the most joy!

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