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The Top 10 Grand Junction Summer Biking Routes

Mesa County is known for our biking, so when friends come in from out of town how do you even begin to choose? In no particular order, here are some of our favorite routes around Grand Junction.

1. Colorado Riverfront Trail System

Enjoy 22 miles of beautiful, paved trails running from Heritage Park in Fruita to Riverbend Park in Palisade. If you are new to biking, this is a great option!

2. Colorado National Monument

If you’re more into speed, then grab the old road bike and tour Colorado National Monument. You are sure to be greeted by stunning vistas.

3. Rustler's Loop

If you are new to the mountain biking world, this is a perfect trail for beginners in Fruita. If you are a little more experienced, Mary’s Trail is nearby and is an intermediate classic connected to numerous other trails.

4. Lunch Loops

Lunch Loops are a must and an easy morning or afternoon activity due to their proximity to town.

5. Rabbit Valley

Rabbit Valley isn't too far away and it's easy to access off of I-70. This valley is nestled in the McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area and has many stunning views!

6. Three Sisters trail

If you’ve got beginner bikers in two, check out the Three Sisters trail system near by.

7. East Orchard Mesa

What better way to enjoy the stunning orchards and vineyards of Palisade than on bike?! Check out a map of where to go here!

8. Prime Cut Trail

If your group is full of beginners, this is another good one. It is fairly easy and short, perfect for you to bring the kids!

9. Moore Fun Trail

This is a technically challenging trail. It is 7 miles of elevation change, tough terrain, and speed. If you are a little bit more advanced, you will surely enjoy it!

10. Zippity Do Da

I mean even the name is fun! This is a VERY difficult trail with changes in elevations and steep downhills. The good news? The views are absolutely breathtaking and constant throughout the ride.

Don't forget your sunscreen and water and have a great spring biking around Mesa County!

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