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5 Surprising Ways to Use Hairspray Around Your Home

Cleaning your home and doing small tasks around your home can occasionally be frustrating, but here are some hacks of ways to use your favorite hair product!

1. Remove pet hair

We all know how annoying it is to have pet fur sticking to our furniture, clothes, and floors. Try putting hairspray on a dry rag, wait a couple seconds, and then use the cloth to wipe the fur off!

2. Get rid of ink stains

If you got some ink stains on your shirt or upholstery, try an alcohol-based spray to lift it right off! Just spray and wipe it away with a damp cloth.

3. Keep your curtains free of dust

Spray new or newly-cleaned drapes with hairspray and it will keep the dust from sticking! Game changer!

4. Keep your tights from running

There are a couple different ways to do this. You can spray your hosiery right away to prevent runs or if you see a tear forming, spray it immediately to stop it from getting worse!

5. Get rid of residue

One of the most frustrating things when buying new products is taking the stickers off and trying to deal with that sticky residue. Use hairspray to get rid of it and then rub it with your fingers and wash it with soap and water! You will be pleased to see a sparkling surface!

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