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I think we can all agree that teacher's are super heroes. As a mom, I have watched them adapt and thrive in the new environment thrust upon them last March. And they have done it with grace, patience, and enthusiasm. So MUCH respect is due to them. If you are thankful, and would like to show your appreciation, here are some fun ideas!

Have your child write a letter to their teacher and send it in the mail. This can be an especially heartfelt gesture if the teacher taught your child how to write this year.

Put together this box of teacher goodies, which includes a mix of treats and classroom supplies.

Record a video of your child saying thank you to their teacher and email it to them.

Send your teacher a gift card for food or classroom supplies.

Make a poster for your teacher with thank-you notes on it and mail it or take a picture to share.

Ask your teacher what their favorite treat is and mail or drop it off for them to enjoy.

If you can coordinate it, put together a classroom thank-you book with notes from every student who can participate.

During Teacher Appreciation Week, use the social media hashtag #ThankATeacher from the National PTA and share how educators have brightened your or your child’s life.

Interview your child about why they’re thankful for their teacher and send the answers to their teacher.

Gift them a small plant with this sweet message sharing how much your child has grown in class this year.

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