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How To: Efficient Kitchen Cabinet Space

Maybe you cook in a little kitchen or perhaps you just feed a lot of mouths every week. Whatever your situation, use these helpful little hints to free up and organize your kitchen cabinets.

Utilize Pop Up Shelves: Throw some pop up shelves in your cabinets and you can easily triple the amount of shelf space. Use this to make the most of your dishes cabinet or the dry goods shelves or the space under your kitchen sink.

Repurpose File Organizers: Those old, stand alone file organizers on your desk could be the

perfect soup can dispenser. Simply place the file organizer on its side and fill with anything from canned goods to water bottles.

Install Sliding Shelves: These have been the rage for quite some time now and it’s no surprise why. Useful for hard to reach spaces, sliding shelves bring your cabinet shelves out to you, making it especially easy to grab what you need without having to move everything around.

Glam Up the Corner Cabinet: Corner cabinets are difficult spots in the kitchen. Consider installing a lazy-susan to keep dry goods from disappearing into the depths of the kitchen cabinet. Buy a multi-tier device and you can organize each level with similar dry goods.

Toss in a Towel Rack: Insert a towel rack into the inside door of your kitchen sink cabinet. Use this nifty little device to organize kitchen cleaners or to conveniently hold your paper towel roll.

Bring in the Boxes and Bins: Repurpose containers from around your house or stock up on bins from heavenly places like the Container Store, to hold little kitchen items. Better yet, label each bin to make it that much easier when you’re looking for your favourite granola bar.

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