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5 Steps to Perfectly Styling Your Shelves

1. Grab your books

Get some books and stack them vertically and horizontally in piles of 2 or 3 mixing up the colors.

2. Add some tall and short items

Varying heights adds interest. Find some tall candlesticks to put next to the book stack, put a jar on top of the books, and put a small piece of clay pottery to the other side of the books. This will allow the viewer's eyes to flow to the next object.

3. Group items in threes

Three is the perfect number when grouping items- it is aesthetically pleasing while not being too much. Find plants, candles, etc. to group on some of your other shelves.

4. Don't forget your artwork

By putting art at the back of your shelf, it will make it appear deeper creating a sense of layering. It also adds personality (since you usually don't buy artwork you don't like).

5. Mix up textures, tones, and styles

You already added varying heights, so now add some more filler objects that bring in personality and interest. Make sure to layer these as well to keep the shelf from looking boring.

Did these tips work for you? Send us the photos of your newly, designed shelves!

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