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5 Ways to Be More Organized for the Holiday Season

Why wait until the Spring to purge? Now is the perfect time to organize your stuff and maybe get rid of some of the things you don't use (especially if you buy a lot/ get a lot around the holidays). Check out these 5 simple ways to organize your home this season.

1. As you are pulling out decorations, pay attention to what you use and what you don't use

If you haven't put that decor item up in a few years, it may be time to donate it to someone else who will appreciate it!

2. One-for-one donations

Get your kids in the giving spirit by telling them how many presents they will receive. Ask them to come up with that many toys to donate to kids who may not be getting new toys this season.

3. Get rid of the coats that don't fit or you didn't wear last winter

If you didn't use it last year, you probably won't use it this year. Bring your coats and mittens that have formed a pile in your closet to your local thrift store like Goodwill, DAV, Salvation Army, Epilepsy Foundation, etc.!

4. Hire a professional organizer

If all of this overwhelms you, it may be time to bring in a professional. These folks can help you figure out what to get rid of and what is worth keeping at an hourly rate.

5. Open up your fridge

You know there will be some turkey left over, so prepare for Thanksgiving by opening your refrigerator andgetting rid of food, jams, etc. that you aren't using. This can also prevent a foul smell from forming right before your guests come!

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