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2019 Aspirations for Grand Junction

One of the many things we love about Grand Junction the cohesiveness of our city. We work together to create an environment that thrives and is great for the community members. Some of the aspirations for 2019 include:

Economic development

Las Colonias Park - the upkeep of this 130 acre park along the banks of the Colorado River. They will continue to have events to bring together the community in the amphitheater, including Toto on August 11, 2019!

Dos Rios - The city has over 60 acres and is reclaiming the riverfront! They will be taking this property and turning it into a river trail greenway, activity center, some business expansions, and potentially residential!

Public safety:

There has been some concern recently with regard to our public safety departments. 10 years ago our city leaders saw a need for more fire stations and since then 3 new stations ​have been built, however they are still struggling to meet the 6 minute response time. There is also a desire for transportation expansion and maintaining that system, but the funds are not there yet. They will be addressing this issue in the coming year and whether they want to look at bonding or debt as appropriate options.

Are you looking for ways to get involved? Join City Manager Greg Cato for his weekly coffee meet-ups and/ or sign up and participate in your local government!

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