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5 Benefits of Painting the Outside of your Home

Some people love painting the exteriors of their house to show their personality to the world, but there are numerous other benefits that are not only necessary, but can save you money!

1. Increases Curb Appeal

We talk about this a lot in real estate, but your home often won't get a second look if the exterior isn't attractive. If you are thinking about putting your house on the Grand Junction real estate market, apply a fresh coat of paint!

2. Prevents Damage from Termites

There are so many wood-eating pests that love gnawing on your siding. A new coat of paint and seal can greatly reduce that!

3. Helps Maintain the Structural Integrity

Mold and mildew are a real problem in breaking down the structural integrity in older homes, and if you don't protect your home they could become an issue sooner than you would expect. A heavy spring rain can seep into unprotected wood and begin the buildup of mildew and mold.

4. Increases the Lifetime of the Siding

Although vinyl siding is meant to last 50 years, there are many elements that can break that down including the weather changes that occur in Grand Junction. Painting will extend the life of the siding allowing you to save your hard-earned money!

5. Prevents Splinters

We've all stepped on a poorly-maintained deck and received a dreaded splinter. Avoid this from happening to you and your children by permanently sealing and resurfacing your home!

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