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How to tile your own kitchen backsplash

1. Prep!

Turn off the power and remove the outlet covers (we also suggest taping off the outlets, cabinets, and countertops). Then remove appliances that are against the wall and mark where you need the tile to stop. Then prep your walls by wiping them down, sanding them if needed, making sure it is level, and filling gaps.

2. Plan

You will need a 1/8-inch expansion gap around the perimeter so plan for that as well as where the center of your tile will be.

3. Dry lay the tiles along the wall

Check the ends and cut tiles that may need to be cut at the ends. Make sure your layout looks good BEFORE your install!

4. Mix thinset

The thinset should be similar to the consistency of peanut butter. Spread a little on the wall and then comb over the mortar with a notched trowel. Then you can press the tile piece onto the wall with a little twist!

5. Continue installing the tile

Work in sections and check the tile with a level frequently to make sure you are straight on. Remember to leave a 1/8-inch gap at the countertop.

6 Let it dry for 24 hours

7. Mix the grout and apply it

Apply the grout in a diagonal line across the tiles making sure to get it in between the tiles. After 10 minutes, wipe away the excess and allow it to dry.

8. Fill the expansion gap with caulk

After you do this you are done!

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